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  • Year 2016

    Dangerous Goods Road Transport certificate Permitted;
  • Year 2015

    Honered as AAAA class forwarding company in China;
  • Year 2015

    We were classified the Shanghai civilized unit in 2013 and 2014;
  • Year 2013

    Our overseas branch was set up in Taiwan, in the mean time, our Qingdao branch was opening;
  • Year 2012

    To satisfy clients’ requirement, we opened the HKG office to handle import, export shipments as well as transferred shipments to/from mainland China;
  • Year 2010

    At this particular year, the number of our customer accounts were rapidly increasing. Our business field was extending to Ningbo, Shenzhen and Xiamen areas, the branches were set up to be coordinated with business demands.
  • Year 2007

    Jiang Yin office was opening;
  • Year 2006

    Guangzhou office was starting business;
  • Year 2005

    MENQ Logistics was set up, at the same time, Tianjin Men Jia was merged and re-named as Tianjin MenQ branch;
  • Year 2003

    Set up Tianjin MEN JIA Logistics co., ltd;


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