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Domestic Container Multimodal Transportation  

  MenQ Group has been dedicated in the nationwide Mutlimodal transportation since started up. We are strength at the combination transportation as Water-Road; Ocean–inland River; Ocean-Rail, port to port; door to door services.


  We have built up a large forwarding-network in China major cities and areas such as Northeast area; Central-North area; Central-South area and our business radius is covering over hundred cities in China.

  We have gained rich experience and enhanced our ability of competitiveness in the past years, Domestic container multimodal transportation has become the principal business in our company.


  ●Network-operating Logistics: We have branches in the main ports of China which established a network-operating organization to provide rapid and efficient services.

  ●Multimodal Transport: The combination of Road; water and Rail transport, our service is reaching to every corner in China.

  ●Cargo Insurance: We offer the comprehensive insurance to our clients, make sure all of customers’ goods are under proper protection.

  ●Resources: we are offering the most competitive price and updated information from time to time.

  We deliver: Rapidity, Accuracy and Safety!


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