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Cold Chain Logistics  

  MenQ Group provide integrated solution to satisfy customer’s needs for refrigerated and perishable shipments .

  Temperature-sensitive cargo must be shipped in accordance with strict specifications, MenQ Group ensure that delicate cargo will be taken good care. We accomplish it by using talent and monitoring systems which process are under our experienced reefer operation teams.

  With closely working with shipping line and overseas agents, the flexibility offered by multiple sailing schedules and quick response, we can ensure the perishable

  Cargoes are under full protection and delivery to your hand within required time.

  Temperature-controlled cargoes commonly include:

  ●Foodstuffs-perishable and non-perishable

  ●Common Chemicals


  Carefully Monitoring

  Quality assurance is an important element for reefer container. The combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variations makes correct temperature control essential. You can depend on our full knowledge team to carefully monitor your shipments through every stage of the procedure, continually checking to ensure that all of details are properly managed.


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