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  As the most of major international companies, MENQ Group is dedicated to green plan, to protect the environment and decrease the pollution during the transportation is one of our major protocols.

  We understand the transportation is the large essential action in logistics industry, at the same time, because the thousand thousands tons of gasoline and oil are consumed every day and night, it caused the critical shortage of supplies; mass pollution caused the environmental disrupt. hence, how to manage the pollution reduction such as the noises; tail gasses produced from during the transportation process by vehicles/vessels/aircrafts; at the same time, to make our company’ s business keeping growth, the balance of the environment protection and economical development is the mission what we endeavor to accomplish.

  Our policies are:

  1. Fully Loaded Round-trip

  Under convenient situation, we will use largest resource allocation to dispatch the same truck to load cargoes forward and backward at the same district, minimize the numbers of empty trucks drive on the road.

  For example, we pick up the cargo from Taicang factory to Changzhou warehouse for client A, meanwhile, Client B needs to deliver their shipment from Changzhou factory to Taicang warehouse, we managed to use the same truck to accomplish the two deliveries, to drop the cargo to client A’ s door and then pick up the cargo from client B’ s facility, avoiding the empty tricks are among on the trip.

  It is not only able to save the cost for manpower; gasoline and time, we can also feed back to clients the less economical transportation cost; more important is there are less traffic and air pollution caused.

  2. Multimodel Transport

  By the different option of the combination of ocean + rail ; ocean + road or road + rail transportation to provide the most economical and effective strategy.

  3.Green Storage and Shipping

  Using the most advanced fresh-keeping technology in the whole logistics process, to be secured under quantity and quality of inventory, in no damage and eliminate the pollution.

  4. Green Information Gathering and Management

  Logistics is not only having the commercial products’ location shifted and moved, but also request the information gathering, sorting; storing. We focus on to know how to utilize and manage the relevant information. Furthermore, we use the modern information technology and as far as possible to achieve the paperless office and promote the up-level of logistics.

  Based on different requirements from our clients, we design the customized green plan for each of them, by the way of surveillance control through the process, to eliminate the gap of blind spots during the transportation, our clients are able to enjoy the safe, green, effective experience.

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